Our Process

Starting A Project

Our process is what makes us different to other agencies, pay attention to our process timeline!

Start Project

Decision Time

You have decided after weeks or months of asking yourself "Do i need a website?" Well, the time has come and you have some money set-aside and you have, rightfully so, came to us.


I don't know what i want?

You know you want a website, and you need it to look the dogs. But you don't know the first thing about websites and you want us to decide for you. How? We provide you with some amazing websites within your industry and we both pick apart what you like/dislike until we get a good idea.


It's GO time!

You've met us, you now trust our vision, you're happy with the price and it's time to kick off. Every day from now, we provide you daily updates including screenshots, live links and explanations on how your project is developing.


Almost complete, almost.

The website is done, it's looking rather good. But, you have paid good money for a website, and we want to make sure its perfect. You now have the oppurtunity to test, judge and rip apart the site and make any changes you need.


Sign it off!

You are over the moon with it and more importantly, your spouse has approved. It's time to pay that remaining 50% of the invoice. Don't worry though, if you change your mind on some things, you have a month to make those changes for FREE.