Clients From Hell! (Web Design)

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In every industry, somewhere along the way you’re destined to meet them clients who make the job…a little less fun. Today we look at some of the types of ‘clients from hell’ and how to avoid them, particularly within the web design industry.

How to spot them:

  • They ask “How much do you charge?” even before explaining what they want.
  • They deliberately use vague wording when providing instructions. Then they complain you didn’t manage to meet their expectations and either don’t pay at all or make you do more work for free.
  • Whenever you have new ideas concerning the project and want to discuss them, the conversation boils down to “do I have to pay extra for that?”

Types of clients (we) and you should stay away from!

1. “I’ll let you take the lead” clients.

They don’t know their budgets, priorities, and can’t give you detailed project instructions. They expect you to come up with ideas by yourself and then are unhappy when what you offer does not match their idea of what they wanted. So you have to redo the work again and again. For free. Even if you know how to read minds, chances are little that you’ll ever understand what exactly they are looking for. They don’t even seem to know it themselves.


How to spot them:

  • “Just take care of it” is their favourite phrase.
  • They seem indifferent, disengaged, and disinterested. You won’t hear them enthusiastically talking about their business or sharing thoughts concerning the project.
  • They rarely ask for work samples or references.
  • They agree to pay “whatever it takes” and never negotiate. However, when they see the final bill, they complain about it.

2. The grab and go clients!

Simply put, they ask you to do a part of the job for free (to get a grasp of what your work looks like), you do the heavy lifting, and then they hire a cheaper person.

How to spot them:

  • Their favourite phrase is “I want to try before I buy”.
  • They refuse to sign a web design contract and avoid talking about money. Keyword – “We’ll worry about that later”.
  • They seem genuinely interested in your previous projects but only to identify if you are good enough to be their next victim.

3. The ‘connected’ client.

This is the client that knows everyone, including cousins, friends etc., that can complete the job cheaper, but they’re just getting some prices. Ok – cool. That’s great that you have such a great network, but this is our price, and we offer that price base don our value and service. If your friends son from down the pub can do it cheaper, you should probably do that. But hey, feel free to come back to us when you need it re-doing because it wasn’t as good as an idea as you initially thought. If you own a Porsche (this is your great business in this example), would you take it to the £5 full valet service on a backstreet in town (the 15 year old web designer you ‘know’). The answer? Most likely no, because if you value your car and it’s value, why would you not put the time, effort and money into treating it, as it deserves.

How to spot them:

  • Their favourite phrase is “My cousins, friends, cat can do it cheaper”.
  • The first thing they ask, is price, before even establishing a full, in-detail idea of what they actually want.
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