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SEO Experts In Leicester

SEO experts in Leicester
Keywords Ranking

Keywords allow your website to link with what your audience is searching for using keywords.


Sitemaps help search engines navigate around your site, which pages are what and so on.

On-Page SEO

This refers to the actual content in which is on your web pages, including things like keywords and valuable content.

Google Analytics

Arguably the most important element. Analytics can identify trending keywords in your area, industry and even your visitors demographics.

SEO experts in Leicester

SEO Experts in Leicester

Our Leicester based agency have over 30 years combined experience in pushing SEO strategies. 

SEO can be a confusing subject for many. You might know a little, you may know nothing. A lot of businesses can play on the complex matter to overcharge and under-deliver. 

Our search engine marketing team are SEO experts in Leicester and have over 30 years Google experience and are partnered with some of the largest online directories. 

SEO in Leicester

What am I paying for?

Keyword Management

Some experts go as far as to say keyword research is the most important part of SEO. It's hard to argue with that statement, as there are plenty of statistics to back it up. If you are serious about SEO, you need to invest heavily in keyword research. For your site to stand out against the more than 100 billion Google search queries per month, you must appropriately optimise your site. That's where we come in. Our SEO experts in Leicester constantly scan for new trends, keywords and content in order to keep your site competitive. 

Speed Optimisation

In SEO, faster is better. We’re pretty confident that this will always be the case, as people expect to get content served to them quickly. Nobody likes waiting, even for a split second, so it always pays to invest time in improving your site’s speed. We ensure all plugins, platforms and software embedded into your site are updated and is working as fast as possible. 

Blog Writing

Amongst our SEO experts in Leicester, we have a genius copywriter. Depending on the agreed level of SEO service, our content creator will write one to four relevant blogs per month to increase your sites engagement. Why are blogs important? Let's say you run a local locksmiths. Your customer has snapped their only key in the door and it's late! She googles 'I have snapped my key in the door, what shall i do?' Your blog appears, providing valuable information for free, and then a section at the bottom where they can contact their local 24/7 locksmith, you! 

Googles Algorithm Management

Google is all about impressing the algorithm. Do what it says and it will reward you. However, it isn't that easy. Google changes what it's impressed by on a weekly, or even daily basis. Factors such as image 'ALT attributes' which explains to the search engine what the image is and the 'Schema & Markup' which is how the search engine displays your listing. 

SEO experts in Leicester
SEO experts in Leicester