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social media management in leicester
What We Do

Social Media Management In Leicester

Leicester Based

Our job is to only cover social media management in Leicester, this allows us to regularly meet up with you.

Weekly Schedules

Every week we send your schedule over and allow you to input any information you wish into the content.

3000% Guarantee

We Guarantee to improve your Facebooks reach by 3000% over your first month.

FREE 7 Day Trial

We're that confident in our performance, that we'll give you a free 7 day trial to see for yourself.

social media management in leicester
The Most Reputable

Social Media Management In Leicester

Creating Visual Content

To ensure your posts look impeccable, we use a combination of premium stock photography, custom made graphics or assets provided by the client.

Post Approval

We create schedules of posts in advance, so you can provide feedback and have ultimate control on what gets posted to your social accounts.

Optimal Timing

Using our expert software we can determine the optimal time for your posts to go live, ensuring maximum engagement.

Key Metrics

Our reports offer a clear look at the key metrics that matter most to your business, whether that is audience growth, engagement, web clicks, or anything else.

Demographic Breakdown

Want to know who is engaging with your social presence? We provide a monthly demographic breakdown for each profile.

social media management in leicester
Post Analysis

See which of the posts have performed best that month, broken down by impressions, engagement percentage and engagement breakdown.

Hashtag Analysis

Our hashtag analysis allows to see which hashtags are leading to more engagement for your social media management in Leicester posts and which we should avoid.

growing your social media presence through

Our Leading Social Media Management Software

social media management in leicester
Clean, transparent & engaging

Social Media Schedules

Our social media schedules are sent out every week with 2 days to review, suggest edits if needed and approve posts. Our posts are scheduled at the most engaging times of the day for your audience ensuring you’re not only providing content they want to see, but when its most suitable for them to see. We have exclusive access to Zoomsphere, a social media platform that is unrivalled, allowing our social media team to maximise your marketing presence. 


Multi Platform Scheduling for the most popular

Social Media Channels

Whilst syncing your social media posts to save time seems appealing, would you really post the same content on LinkedIN as you would on Instagram? 

Our social media don’t just post content on your feeds, but engaging stories too. Stories are a great way to engage with your audience on a more personal level and are become increasingly popular on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat


social media management in leicester
social media management in leicester
We don't work for you, we

Collaborate With You.

Whilst we handle business, it’s important for you to have the opportunity to be in the driving seat. That’s why our social media platform allows you to log on to view your schedule, suggest edits, suggest posts, comment and approve posts. Our social media management in Leicester are all about working with businesses to grow, through meetings, constant contact and awesome conversations. 

Monthly Analytics reports with over

150 Metrics & Measurements

Our monthly social media reports aim to only show green numbers of significant increase. Our monthly social media reports outline over 150 elements of your social medias statistics. 

To ensure we’re 100% transparent, depending on your budget, our social media team provide videos that run through your social media analytics and explain anything you dont understand. 

Social media management in leicester
Looking to manage your own social media?

Learn how!

Make time for your social media marketing...

Let's get one thing straight, if you're going to manage your social media, you need to do it well in order to cut through the noise of millions of other businesses. Dedicated an hour per week is reasonable, perhaps instead of that Sunday Netflix marathon, take an hour out of your day to plan your posts.

social media management in leicester
social media management in leicester
Take advantage of FREE software

There are lots of FREE plans for social media planning platforms out there. Our suggested platform is Buffer. Whilst it's not great for an agency like us, it's perfect and FREE for up to three social media accounts. Plan three social media posts per week to begin with and progress from there. To motivate yourself, you may want to set goals such as '10 likes' this week.

Ensure you look the part!

How can you expect your audience to take you seriously when you can't even take yourself seriously? You don't need to be a designer to make sure the overall appearance of your site is clean, tidy and looks professional. Make sure your posts are consistent with colour, fonts, layout etc.

Spelling & grammar is key!

You don't need to write like the next stephen king, however spelling mistakes leave a huge impression on your audience. Particularly some demographics over others. If you're serious about your content, then take an extra minute to check your spelling.